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Experience - Compassion - Competence


Experience - Compassion - Competence

After 38 years, Mr. Evans is retiring from the practice of law.  For current clients with cases that can be completed by December 31, 2024, Mr. Evans will continue his representation.  However, Evans Family Law is not accepting new clients.  It has been my great joy and privilege to work with so many wonderful people over the years.   


During the worst period of my life, Mike Evans was a godsend. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He guided me through an unexpected and horrible divorce with clear-eyed, compassionate professionalism. He was always generous with his time and my endless questions. He put up with my freak-out moments and helped guide me back on track when I veered off into an emotional tailspin. His office support team is also extremely professional and thorough, particularly Veronica. Mike was always fully informed and completely prepared and when we had to go to trial, we prevailed. His thoroughness frankly made the other counsel look, at best, like an amateur. Mike was the voice of reason and a champion of my children's welfare. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in such a difficult position. Retain him. He's not flashy, but boy, is he solid.
- Erin


Three Centerpointe Drive, Suite 160

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Phone: (503) 241-5550

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